SOME TYPICAL ARTICLES (1,018 out of 40,000)

To give the reader of this announcement an idea of the wealth of information and the convenience of distribution in the Encyclopaedia Britannica, the following selection of headings is presented. It must be remembered that the articles named are only 1,018 out of 40,000, and that they are listed here not because they are the most important (many of them are relatively insignificant), but because they are typical and because any one who is interested can get from a scrutiny of them a good general idea of the contents of the Encyclopaedia and of the manner in which information has been brought to a maximum of accessibility.

It is practically an impossibility to illustrate within the limits of even a whole page of a newspaper the multiplicity of aspects under which each subject is treated in the new edition of the extent to which the needs of the busy enquirer have been considered. Thus the 69 headings under Biography must serve to indicate a wealth of information which in the complete work is contained in over 9,000 separate articles. Again, in science if we set the 108 topics quoted against a total to which Chemistry contributes 650, and Botany 980 headings, to take the two sciences which are most familiar, the same contrast is apparent. Similarly the 83 medical headings are taken from 766 articles by actual content - while the few entries (32) under Philosophy afford hardly even a suggestion of the detailed comprehensiveness of the treatment accorded this great subject.

In manufactories and industries, (42 articles out of 717 by count) and in engineering and mechanical science (67 articles our of 246,) the purely typical character of the selections is again apparent.

The articles under the following headings range (in length) from a paragraph or two to 5,000 and 10,000 words, and in some cases to 40,000 and 50,000 words.

ART: Andrea del Sarto; Art Galleries; Arts and Crafts; Barbizon; R. Bonheur; Botticelli; Byzantine Art; Chinese Art; Corot; Drawing; Dürer; Wyatt Eaton; Egyptian Art; Engraving; Etching; Sir L. Fildes; Fine Arts; Gaddi; Gainsborough; Guido Reni; Sir H. Herkomer; Hobbema; Hokusai; Holbein; Ingres; Landseer; Manet; Michelangelo; Models; Painting; Pamphilus; Pastel; Puvis de Chavannes; Roman Art; Romney' Rubens; Sargent; Sculpture; Turner; Wood Engraving.

AGRICULTURE AND FARMING: Agriculture; Agricultural Gangs; Apple; Anthrax; Arboriculture; Asparagus; Banana; Bees and Beekeeping; Breeds and Breeding; Buckwheat; Cattle; Celery; Cultivator; Dairy Farming; Ensilage; Esparto; Farm-Buildings; Foot-and-Mouth Disease; Fruit and Flower Farming; Harvest; Hay; Horse; Horticulture; Jute; Lettuce; Manures; Millet; Oat; Pig; Poultry and Poultry Farming; Reaping; Rye; Sheep; Soil; Sowing; Truffle; Veterinary Science; Weevil; Wheat.

ARCHITECTURE: Aisle; Arch; Architecture; Modern Period; Romanesque; English Gothic; French Gothic; Flamboyant Style; Bay; Basilica; Campanile; Capital; Cathedral; Colonnade; Cornice; Crypt; Dome; Entablature; Façade; Flying Buttress; Indian Architecture; Frieze; Gable; Galilee; Half Timber Work; Mosque; Moulding; Mausoleum; Portico; Rococo; Spire; Tracery; Triforium; Vault; Window.

BIOGRAPHY: Abd-ul-Hamud II; Aesop; Agricola; Alfred the Great; Amiel; Archimedes; J.J. Astor; Sara Bernhardt; Lady Blessington; Bruce Family; A. Carnegie; Cassius Family; Beatrice Cenci; Cedric; J. Chamberlain; J. H. Choate; Cleopatra; Cterias; Dagobert I.; Demidov Family; Douglas Family; A. Dumas; T. A. Edison; Epictetus; Epps Family; Eric XIV.; Farnese Family; D. G. Farragut; Fitzgerald Family; Fürstenburg Family; D. Garrick; Goldsmid Family; S. Gompers; Gonzaga Family; Lady J. Grey; Heraclitus; Hereward; Hess Family; Isocrates; M. K. Jesup; Joinville Family; Kemble Family; Captain Kidd; Montagu Family; J. P. Morgan; Noailles Family; O'Donnell Family; A. Ristori; Robin Hood; Rob Roy; E. Rostand; Ruskin; F. Sarcey; Savonarola; Tom Sayers; Ary Scheffer; Scipio; R. J. Seddon; Sennacherib; Seton Family; Sforza Family; G. B. Shaw; Sitting Bull; Mrs. E. C. Stanten; Tancred; Ellen Tracey; L. C. Tiffany; W.C. Whitney; Woodrow Wilson.

COMMERCE AND TRADING: Adulteration; Advertisement; Aerated Waters; Alcohols; Banks and Banking; Bill of Exchange; Bimetallism; Coffee; Commerce; Company; Dollar; Fur; Gold; Grain Trade; Jute; Leather; Option; Monetary Conferences; Rebate; Rice; Savings Banks; Shipping; Silk; Stock Exchange; Tapioca; Timber; Tobacco; Trusts; Wealth.

ENGINEERING AND MECHANICAL SCIENCE: Aeronautics; Air-Engine; Aqueduct; Artesian Wells; Assaying; Blasting; Boilers; Building; Brakes; Bridges; Caisson; Carpentry; Cement; Concrete; Cranes; Dockyards; Drainage; Dredging; Electrical Machine; Electrolysis; Electric Lighting; Electric Power; Elevators; Flight and Flying; Galvanometer; Gas Engines; Gun Cotton; Gyroscope; Harbour; heating; Horse-Power; Hydraulics; Hydro-Mechanics; Irrigation; Joints; Lighting; Masonry; Mauretania; Mechanical Power Transmission; Metals; Mining; Motor Vehicles; Oil Engine; Ore Dressing; Pneumatic Despatch; Polytechnic; Pyrometer; Quarrying; Refrigerating and Ice-Making; Refuse Distribution; River Engineering; Rolling Mill; Safety Lamp; Sewerage; Steel Construction; Strength of Materials; Surveying; Technical Education; Tools; Traction; Tramways; Tunnels; Ventilation; Water Motors.

ECONOMICS, SOCIOLOGY, POLITICS: Alms; Anarchism; Arbitration; Aristocracy; Baby-farming; Balance of Power; Balance of Trade; Bimetallism; Casus Belli; Demography; Domestic Relations; Diplomacy; Economics; Factory Acts; Free Trade; International Arbitration; Know Nothing Party; Liberal Party; Lobbying; Monroe Doctrine; National Debt; Neutrality; Parliament; Profit-Sharing; Prostitution; Protection; Reciprocity; Socialism; Sociology; State Rights; Strikes and Lockouts; Sweating System; Tammaity Hall; Tariff; Wealth.

GEOGRAPHY AND TOPOGRAPHY: Separate detailed description and account of every Continent, State, Province, Town, Lake, River, Mountain, &c, of importance in the world. For example: -- Abyssinia, Adirondacks, Alabama, Alberta, Amazon River, Andaman Islands, Arctic, Argentina, Astrakhan, Atlantic City, Bar Harbor, Bayreuth, Belgian Congo, Bokhara, Borneo, Cambodia, Central India, Ceylon, Cherbourg, Chile, Cincinnati, Colorado Springs, Congo, Coral Reefs, Cripple Creek, Curaçao, Damascus, Desert, Dunedin (N.Z.), Etah, Ethiopia, Fiji, Galapagos Islands, Gold Coast, Goshen (Ind.), Grand Canyon, Hankow, Hoboken, Iquitos, Jerusalem, Kobao, Kinchinjunga, Nipissing, Nome, Oasis, Osawatomie, Oshkosh, Pampas, Polar Regions, Reno, Revilla Gegido, Sabie Island, St. Ouen, San Juan, Trichinopoly, Tuxedo, Vladivostock, Weehawken, Wyoming Valley.

HISTORY AND CHRONOLOGY: Comprehensive histories of every country, ancient and modern, and separate articles on every important history subject. For example: -- Aegean Civilization, American Civil War, Annals, Anti-Semitism, Aztecs, Bull Run, Celt, Chronology, Christianity, Civilization, Feudalism, French Revolution, Goths, Hindu Chronology, History, Hittites, Holy Alliance, Hundred Years' War, Iberians, Inquisition, Iroquois, Jews, Ku Klux Klan, Mohammedian Institutions, Magyars, Maori, Middle Ages, Negro.

INDUSTRY AND MANUFACTURES: Alpaca; Aluminum; Asbestos; Asphalt; Balbriggan; Barbed Wire; Book Selling; Bottle; Brazing and Soldering; Brewing; Brickwork; Calico; Carborundum; Carpets; Celluose; Ceramics; Coal; Copper; Cotton; Damascus Steel; Flannel; Galvanized Iron; Glass; Gold and Silver Thread; Iron; Iron and Steel; Lapidary and Gem Cutting; Lead; Marble; Metal Work; Naphtha; Paper; Petroleum; Rope and Rope-Making; Rubber; Salt; Spinning; Straw Manufactures; Sugar; Tanning; Weaving; Wollen Manufactures.

LITERATURE AND LANGUAGE: Accidence; American Literature; Aramaic Languages; Baconian Theory; Ballads; Bantu Languages; Balzao; J. M. Barrie; Blank Verse; P. Bourget; Bouts-Rimes; Catullus; Celtic; Chinese; Cuneiform; Dante; Descriptive Poetry; Didactic Poetry; Dostolevsky; Drama; Dutch; Epic Poetry; Esperanto; Folklore; French Language; French Literature; Greek Language; Greek Literature; Hebrew; Inscriptions; Lyrical Poetry; De Maupassant; Novel; Ode; Philippics; Pisaca Languages; Poetry; Prosody; Riddles; Romance; Roman des la Rose; Runes; Russian Language; Russian Literature; Satire; Portraits of Shakespeare; Slang; Universal Languages.

LAW: Agrarian Laws; Alimony; American Law; Anglo-Saxon Law; Arbitrage; Appeal; Arbitration; Articles of Association; Arrest; Assault; Attachment; Babylonian Law; Bankruptcy; Bribery; Blockade; Canon Law; Common Law; Civil Law; Code Napoléon; Commercial Treaties; Contraband of War; Contract; Conveyancing; Corrupt Practices; Copyright; Corporation; Debentures; Directors; Dividend; Dower; Damages; Deportation; Divorce; Election Law; Embezzlement; Employers' Liability and Workmen's Compensation; Evidence; Equity; Executors and Administrators; Exterritoriality; Extradiction; Factory Acts; Felony; Foreclosure; Fraud; France-Laws and Instiutions Of; Germanic Laws; Greek Law; Habeas Corpus; High Seas; Hiring; Husband and Wife; Immunity; Indemnity; Indian Law; Inheritance; Insurance; Interest; International Law; Inter-State Commerce; Intestacy; Judgment Debtor; Labour Legislation; Lien; Landlord and Tenant; Law; Legacy; Letters Patent; Statutes of Limitation; Liquor Laws; Lost Property; Lynch Law; Mohammedan Law; Marriage; Martial Law; Master and Servant; Legal Maxims; Military Law; Misprision; Money Lending; Naturalization; Partnership; Penology; Personal Property; Press Laws; Principal and Agent; Rebate; Receipt; Residence; Restraint; Roman Law; Stocks and Shares; Taxation; Trade Marks; Trespass; Trust and Trustees; Salvage; Sea Laws; Right of Search; Sale of Goods; Trial.

MILITARY AND NAVAL: Admiralty Administration; Aide-de-Camp; Ammunition; Armour Plates; Arms and Armour; Cavalry; Egyptian Campaigns; Engineers (Military); Flagship; Flying Column; Fortification and Siegecraft; Franco-German War; French Revolutionary Wars; Kite-Flying; Kuropatkin; Militia; Mutiny; Nogi; Officers; Pontoon; Recruiting; Russo-Japanese War; Roman Army; Serjeant; Signal; Togo.

SCIENCE: Aberration; Abiogenesis; Accumulator; Acetylene; Acoustics; Air; Alcohol; Algae; Algebra; Algol; Animal Heat; Anthropology; Archaeology; Argon; Astrophysics; Bacteriology; Batrachia; Biology; Chemical Action; Chemistry; Coleoptera; Comparative Anatomy; Conduction; Conjunction; Cosmogony; Crystallography; Cyanogen; Cytology; Decolourizing; Direct Motion; Dog; Duck; Earth Currents; Earthquake; Elasticity; Electricity; Electrochemistry; Electron; Embryology; Entomology; Ether; Euclid; Fat; Fire; Formic Acid; Friction; Galena; Gravitation; Heredity; Intelligence in Animals; Kangaroo; Katydid; Kunzite; Lactic Acid; Leguminosae; Light; Liquid Gases; Mackerel; Mastodon; Mesozoic Era; Metallurgy; Meteorology; Mineral Deposits; Mineralogy; Mnemonics; Moen; Morphology; Motion; Neptune; Nitrogen; Occultation; Octopus; Ornithology; Oyster; Palaeobotany; Palaeography; Palaeontology; Petrology; Photochemistry; Physical Phenomena; Physiology; Pigments; Plants; Primates; Protozoa; Psychical Research; Scorpions; Sex; Spectroheliograph; Stoichiometry; Telegraph; Telephone; Telepathy; Thermoelectricity; Thorium; Trepidation; Troglodytes; Wart Hog; Wasp; Zoological Distribution; Zoological Nomenclature; Zoology.

SPORTS AND GAMES: Angling; Archery; Backgammon; Badminton; Baseball; Billiards; Boxing; Bridge; Children's Games; Coursing; Cribbage; Cricket; Draughts; Ecarte; Falconry; Football; Golf; Gymnastics; Hop-Scotch; Horse-Racing; Hunting Dog; Ice-Yachting; Jumping; Lawn-Tennis; Mountaineering; Petits-Chevaux; Pigeon-Flying; Ping-Pong; Poker; Pole-Vaulting; Polo; Punting; Pushball; Quarter-staff; Reversi; Roller-Skating; Roulette; Rounders; Rowing; Shooting; Swimming; Wrestling; Yachting.

MEDICINE AND SURGERY: Abdomen; Abscess; Acne; Adenoids; Anaesthesia; Aneurism; Aphasia; Apoplexy; Appendicitis; Arsenic; Arteries; Asthma; Baldness; Baths; Beri-beri; Blood; Bilharziosis; Caesarian Section; Caisson Disease; Carbuncle; Catarrh; Chilblains; Club-foot; Colic; Coma; Consumption; Convulsions; Corns; Deaf and Dumb; Delirium; Dentistry; Diet; Dietetics; Diphtheria; Electro-Therapeutics; Epilepsy; Erysipelas; Eye Diseases; Gastritis; Goitre; Gout; Haemorrhage; Heart; Hygiene; Hysteria; Insanity; Intestinal Obstruction; Kidney Diseases; Leprosy; Mammary Gland; Measles; Medical Education; Medicine; Metabolic Diseases; Morphine; Mouth and Salivary Glands; Myxoedema; Narcotics; Neuralgia; Neurasthenia; Neuritis; Neuropathology; Nursing; Obstetrics; Ovariotomy; Parasitic Diseases; Pathology; Ptomaine Poisoning; Respiratory System; Rheumatism; Sea-Sicknesses; Sepsis; Sleep; Sleeping Sickness; Surgical Instruments; Tapeworms; Tetanus; Tonsillitis; Uric Acid; Vivisection; X-Ray Treatment; Yaws; Zymotic Diseases.

MUSIC: Aria; Cantata; Clarinet; Concerto; Contra Bassoon; C. A. Debussey; Donizetti; Fiddle; Gounod; Guitar; Harmonium; Harmony; Harp; Humperdinck; J. Kubelik; R. Leoncavallo; Jenny Lind; Liszt; J. Massenet; Mendelssohn; Mozart; Music; Musical Notation; I. Paderewski; A. Patti; C. C. Saint-Saëns; Saxophone; Song; J. Strauss; R. Strauss; Variations; Verdi; Viola; Violin; Violoncello; Wagner.

PHILOSOPHY: Aesthetics; Agnosticism; Altruism; Automatism; Conscience; Cynics; Dialectics; Egoism; Empiricism; Eretrian School; Hedonism; Idealism; Individualism; Ionian School; Kant; Materialism; Megarian School; Monism; Mysticism; Neoplatonism; Nietzsche; Objectivism; Pessimism; Philosophy; Pleasure; Positivism; Pragmatism; Pre-existence; Relativity of Knowledge; Scepticism; Sensationalism; Spinoza.

RELIGION: Abraham; Abyssinian Church; Acts; Adam; Ancestor-Worship; Apocalypse; Apologetics; Baptism; Baptists; Buddhism; Cain; Christianity; Jesus Christ; Confession; Disciples; Doxology; Druidism; Ecclesiastes; Elisha; Ephraim; Exodus; Fetishism; Franciscans; Gabriel; Genesis; German Catholics; Gospel; Ham; Hebrew; Homiletics; Hosea; Infallibility; Inspiration; Ishmael; Isaiah; Israel; Jehoshaphat; Jesuits; Job; Joshua; Lazarus; Levites; Lights (Ceremonial); Liturgy; Manichaeism; Mass; Messiah; St. Paul; Peculiar People; Pharisees; Philistines; Prayer; Presbyterianism; Reformation; Reformed Churches; Religion; Revelation; Roman Catholic Church; Sacrament; Sacramentals; Sacrilege; Samson; Seraphim; Shamanism; Shinto; Sin; Theism; Theosophy; Transubstantiation; Ultramontanism; Unitarianism; United Methodist Church; Vestments; Wesleyan Methodist Church.

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